Born in Truro, U.K


Upcoming up

‘Mutter’ Event at Spike Island in April 2018 with Kit Poulson and Book Works

Cubitt Community Studio 73 Mildmay-Through 2018

Summer Ball collaboration with Cubitt

Mildmay show with NHH and Cubitt March 15th – Publication with texts by Lizzie Lloyd and Esther Collins

Sound Track Ritual Event – G39, Cardiff –  late June 2018

2018 HMN 12 Peckham Library, London
2017 Going Along Without a Body  – Sound track rituals Iklectic, London
2017 Urban Hinterland residency –  ramoslübbert Arnis, Germany
2017  ‘When Then Is Now’ with A J Stockwell The Garage Lantern Gallery, University of Worcester
2017 ‘Mutter’ Collaboration with Artist Kit Poulson CHELSEA space, London
2016 Cubitt Artist Saturday Socials Cubitt Education, London
2016 G o / d f ” performance event PAC Plymouth Art Weekender
2016 ‘The Importance of Difficulty’ with ‘Halftone’ Supernormal Arts Festival, Braziers Park
2016 Sound and Disco with Kit Poulson and Edwina Ashton Whitechapel, London
2016 Emergenc(i)es – G o / d f ” performance event Trinity Centre, Bristol
2015 G o / d f ” – Artists Moving Image Commission Exeter Phoenix
2015 S T r U c t U R A l O B J e c T London
2015 ‘The French Drain’  – Performance event Spike Island Open, Bristol
2014 We Could Not Agree Q Park, Level -3, London W1
2014 E.P (Extended Player/European Park) Spike Island TEST SPACE, Bristol
2013 Three Short Works Spike Island Open, Bristol
2012 Looking across to Space – The Collect The Unseen – Experimentica, Cardiff
2012 This is important The Parlour Rooms, Bristol
2012 Chekov’s Gun g39, Cardiff
2012 ICA Soundworks Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
2012 Rhythms of Time Sharing Spike Island, Bristol, KIOSK Collective (London), Vox Populi (Philadelphia)
2011 ¿AreWeNot­DrawnOnward­ToNewEra? g39, Cardiff

Grant for the Arts 2015 and 2018