Benjamin Owen is a U.K based artist that makes collaborative performance events, installation and films. They often use live soundtracking and musical improvisation to reframe and undermine relationships between film, sound, ageing and body.

Projects have unfolded over several years and involved various partnerships and collaborative events. Owen’s two year project with Cubitt Gallery and residents of Mildmay Care setting ‘Going Along without a Body’ manifested as two exhibitions in public libraries, socials in the care home and gallery, a day long soundtracked performance event at Iklectik and a series of films. A  text by Lizzie Lloyd about this work is available.  Similarly G 0 / F “ 2015 – 2016 was a dual film portrait, a series of live events and a publication by Kit Poulson.

Owens work has been shaped by a background in music and independent musical communities with collective approaches to making and performing. From the mid 90’s in west country and Wales he coordinated gigs and performances sometimes through the collective Pull the Strings and has played in various bands and ensembles. He has worked within a variety of institutions, running creative workshops and teaching art within schools and colleges. He continues to make music and sounds separately and in conjunction with the film, educational and performance work.

Bands have included Soe’za, Line, Barton Carriages and Drinks. Music has been released independently and some with labels Prohibited and Gringo.

Born in Truro based in Glasgow.