works 2011 – 2014

off the water, out the pipes 2015  –  G0/df” elements
Do with this as you will 2

Do with this as you will




















e.p extended player / european park install

e.p TEST
e.p test
e.p mounted
Down with love 2014
Flattened rostrum 2014
Flattened rostrum

Into the fields and wild 2014 – re-sampled ‘Empire of the Sun’ Steven Spielberg
and into the fields and wild palaces of memory

SOUNDWORKS | Institute of Contemporary Arts
Over one hundred sound works were produced by artists from all over the world
European Ceramics

The River Malago 2012 – 03.07 Re- sample from Walter Murch and Walt Disney’s 1985 Return to OZ

The River Malago

Looking across to space with The Collect Coop
With Anna Searle Jones, Victoria Tillotson, Richard Edkins and Phil Owen  A broken broadcast, out of hours, from a triumvirate of tangled voices. A fading workshop, site of ritual and wires. A conversation in a crowded room. A slick loop of loops.  First performed as part of Rhythms of Time Sharing, curated by KIOSK Collective (London) at Vox Populi (Philadelphia) Thursday 26/Friday 27 January, 2012

White Beat 2011  – 03.20 Three live passes of improvisation by – Paul Jones/Matt Lovett/Tina Hitchens.

with Ben Trinkle.

Beat Flower 2012  – Prints



channel 2010 – 08.12