2011 – 2014

off the water, out the pipes 2015  –  G0/df” elements

Do with this as you will 2

Do with this as you will

e.p extended player / european park install


e.p TEST

e.p test

e.p mounted

Down with love 2014


Flattened rostrum 2014

Flattened rostrum

Assem 2


‘. . . into the field and the wild palaces of memory’ Installation 2012 The Parlour Rooms Bristol

Re-sample from ‘Empire of the Sun’ Warner Bros 1987

and into the fields and wild palaces of memory

SOUNDWORKS | Institute of Contemporary Arts Over one hundred sound works were produced by artists from all over the world.

European Ceramics

The River Malago 2012 – 03.07 Re- sample from Walter Murch and Walt Disney’s 1985 Return to OZ

The River Malago –  Installation  – Chekhov’s Gun G39 Cardiff 2012

The River Malago

Looking across to space with The Collect Coop

With Anna Searle Jones, Victoria Tillotson, Richard Edkins and Phil Owen  A broken broadcast, out of hours, from a triumvirate of tangled voices. A fading workshop, site of ritual and wires. A conversation in a crowded room. A slick loop of loops.  First performed as part of Rhythms of Time Sharing, curated by KIOSK Collective (London) at Vox Populi (Philadelphia) Thursday 26/Friday 27 January, 2012

White Beat 2011  – 03.20 Three live passes of improvisation by – Paul Jones/Matt Lovett/Tina Hitchens.

with Ben Trinkle.

Beat Flower 2012  – Prints



channel 2010 – 08.12